Parents Are Outraged After Learning That Hooters Sponsored A Cub Scout Outing


When you think of summer camp, you think swimming, fishing, and maybe a guest lecture from a local park ranger. Denver-area Cub Scouts had something else in mind. The parents of the kids, who were mostly in first through fifth grade, expected them to be in the middle of the woods eating s’mores and sharing ghost stories. Instead, they were spotted on Facebook with 25 cent wings and Hooters waitresses. The restaurant chain may be a rite of passage in it’s own regard, but not the one these parents had in mind.

“Though the photos appear to have been taken down, several parents said they were still upset after learning the restaurant had actually sponsored the Cub Scout camp,” an ABC Denver affiliate reported. The boy scouts owned up to the fact that Hooters had reached out to the youth organization and given a “financial contribution” to the camp. In fact, they seemed excited about it. The Hooters manager has also said that the restaurant “provided three of its employees each day as volunteers for the three-day Cub Scout camp.”

When parents complained about seeing their sons in Hooters visors, an executive stepped in, unabashedly “The restaurant assisted with the costs of putting on the camp, and through their community volunteering several of their waitresses donated their time to help staff the camp. Glad to hear your son had such a good time.”

To the respondent’s credit, the waitresses in question seem to be dressed conservatively compared to the typical Hooters uniform. In the end, the corporate funding seems like it might make a lot more possible for these kids, but is the perception that seems to come with a Hooters alliance enough of a force that it’s worth cutting the tie? It doesn’t seem like a hard question for these scout moms, but what do you think?