Debunking The Common Myths About Hostels

If the first thing you think of when you hear the world “hostel” is a 2005 horror film, it’s time to catch up. Even if your vision is over-stuffed dorms that feel like cells, you’re probably not in touch with where hostels are at these days.

The truth is, if you book a bed today you’re likely to find a space that’s funky, comfortable, and makes sharing a bathroom with strangers optional. Huge wins, all. Not to mention, the accommodation of choice from your Uncle’s “epic” post-college backpacking trip is still the best fodder for post-travel party stories and your best move for stretching that travel budget.

Read on as we de-bunk three common hostel myths, throw some facts around, and save you some drinking money.

Myth: Hostels Are Unpredictable

Along with pretty much everything else, hostel life has joined the digital age. Although there are plenty of off the grid spots spots worth checking out, your average accommodations are listed online with reviews and photos. Which means not only can you scope a spot before you book it, you can even plan your Instagram angles. Sites like Hostelworld offer a booking guarantee without any fees and let you prioritize categories like “safety” or “partying” in your search.