Hot Topic Is Adding Another Special Collection With A ‘Cartoon Network’ Themed Clothing Line

As most are aware, Hot Topic still exists. It seems as long as hormonal, volatile teenagers with severe aesthetic confusion have cash to spend, American malls will always contain places to purchase white studded belts and backpacks that resemble time-traveling police boxes. Juvenile novelty has always served as the cornerstone of Hot Topic’s fashion sense; their inevitable Suicide Squad clothing line featured several particularly aggressive examples of the company’s reliance on overstated drama. They also sell a lot of black clothing. However, their latest collaborative fashion line–this time with Cartoon Network–is actually pretty darn charming.

The modestly priced collection of dresses, shirts, cardigans, and jackets features designs for women and men inspired by network classics like Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, and Courage the Cowardly Dog, as well as current series Adventure Time and Steven Universe. While some of the patterns feature images and characters from the cartoons, other garments dip into legitimate, albeit unambitious, cosplay. They have Pearl of the Crystal Gem’s dress; Marceline’s distressed sweater; and, of course, a woven shirt with a detachable hood akin to Finn’s iconic white bear hat. However, if geeking out over talking dogs and boy geniuses isn’t your thing, you can always buy that Marilyn Manson shirt Justin Bieber tried to peddle for $200.

The collection is available now at and in stores, save for a few online exclusives.

(Via The Daily Dot)