Following These Hotels On Instagram Will Give You Serious Wanderlust

There’s nothing worse than the FOMO caused by an Instagram post featuring all your best friends, minus you. But did you know that you can subject yourself to that very same FOMO with pictures posted by hotels, too?

It’s true, particularly in the dead of winter.

The upside is, it’s incredibly motivating. Just by scrolling through your feed, you can begin to scheme about taking a trip of your own. So, throw some logs on the fire and grab your phone — we’ve compiled a list of some of the best hotels to follow on Instagram:

Gurney’s Montauk, New York

This is February and somehow it still looks inviting.

The Plaza Hotel, NYC

You can’t tell us you don’t want a view like this on your Instagram feed.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Follow this castle for wedding envy and awesome old timey décor.

Malibu Beach Inn, California

Because views of the pier just don’t get old.

Esperanza Resort Cabo, Mexico

Emeril Lagasse got regrammed by this place, so you know it’s good.

Hotel Castell Emporda, Spain

Somehow this place has less than 500 followers, but trust us, you going to “like” it.

Pavillon de la Reine, France

Just when you thought Paris couldn’t get more romantic…

Dedon Island Resort, Philippines

This place actually looks unreal. As in, it looks like it couldn’t possibly exist. We assure you, it does.

Amankora, Bhutan

While Amankora doesn’t post all that often, when they do, it’s beyond worth it.

The Gritti Palace, Venice, Italy

We’re just kind of losing our minds over this hotel’s posts.

Sirikoi Lodge, Kenya, East Africa

Sirikoi Lodge is a prime-game viewing property in Kenya, and you can get a sneak peek at the plains through their Instagram.

Kempinski, Soma Bay, Egypt

There’s nothing more aesthetically pleasing than a blue sky and good design.

Longitude 131, Northern Territory, Australia

We’re pretty sure you don’t follow anything like Longitude 131 on Instagram yet.

The Surf Lodge, Montauk, New York

The Surf Lodge is full of models and actors and surfers and…maybe you soon?