Here’s How Rich You’d Be If You Had Bought Apple Stock Instead Of An iPhone (And Other Products)

10.25.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Have you ever bought something that was immediately outpaced by something better and less expensive? Or have you flipped through an old magazine or catalog and laughed at how expensive and slow computers were not long ago? Or were you unable to take advanced math classes in high school despite being an A student with a bright future because your family couldn’t afford some specialty calculator that is still over $100 for no discernible reason? (Well, that escalated quickly.) Anyway, now you can find out just how much money you would have made if you’d bought stock in the company instead of buying their products.

The website Invested Instead answers this question regarding several must-have gadgets over the years. We’ve gone through the site to offer you a summary.

The biggest profit would have come to those who invested in Tesla instead of buying the Tesla Model S in June of 2012. That $57,400 would be $344,434 now, an amazing annual growth of 51%.

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