Seven Professional Travelers Offer Advice For Meeting People On The Road

02.23.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

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In each installment of the Uproxx Travel Guide, we ask some of our favorite professional travelers to answer one travel question — then share their best advice with you. From informational, to inspirational, to entertaining, our aim is to incite your wanderlust and provide bite-size takeaways you can put to use in your own travels. 


This Week’s Question: What are the best ways to connect with new people and meet locals while traveling?


The Answers

Krista Simmons

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Krista Simmons is a culinary adventurer and Global Correspondent for Travel + Leisure Magazine. You can follow her on Instagram at @kristasimmons and on Snapchat, username: Krista_Simmons.

A: I’ve always found that asking folks to take your photo or asking for directions is a great way to drum up a conversation. In this tech driven world of selfie sticks and smartphones, those interactions could be easily limited because, hey, you can do it yourself! But to me, it’s a nice way to at least start a conversation.

Of course, food opens a TON of doors. I find that when I’m in a market or restaurant, being adventurous and curious gets chefs and purveyors really excited to chat with you, and often leads to things being sent out that you didn’t even know you wanted.

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