How To Check Out The Northern Lights Tonight And Tomorrow

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03.14.18 6 Comments


As panicky headlines have probably told you by now, a magnetic storm is headed our way. It likely won’t have any effect on our lives, but it will fill the atmosphere with charged particles, which in turn means we’ll get a rare chance to see the Northern Lights today, March 14th, and tomorrow, March 15th. If you want a chance to see this rare sight, here’s what you have to do.

Go north, as in Maine, Washington state, or Michigan:

The Northern Lights are still, you know, to the north, so you should head towards Canada for a shot at seeing them. Bring cold weather gear, as it’s still winter in that part of the world.

Find a place as isolated as possible:

Unfortunately, light pollution is getting more intense, so you’re going to want to find a relatively isolated area, like a national park willing to let you in at night or a small town that isn’t too busy.

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