How Country Star Hunter Hayes Uses Gifts To Tell A Story

“In songwriting, you’re trying to tell a story,” Hunter Hayes says, “and every detail matters.”

Hayes, who rose to music stardom in 2011, cares about people’s stories. He knows that listening is a key ingredient in writing his own lyrics and composing his own music. The dude plays 30 plus instruments, so being detailed with his approach comes naturally.

Hayes also applies this ethos to the people closest to him. The country star relates listening to someone’s story and paying attention to details as the common thread between telling the truth through song and finding a gift for someone you love “because a gift should tell a story,” as he puts it.

This all may sound like a heavily-theoretical process. But with the gift-giving season nearly upon us, it’s wise advice. How many of us ponder, procrastinate, and eventually fret over what to buy the people we care about in our lives? This year, try listening to the stories of the people you care for. Be engaged. If you know the person you’re buying something for and listen to the details of their life, some of the stress of shopping might just melt away, making this holiday season a little less nerve-wracking all around.

Hunter Hayes is a storyteller but he’s also a story listener. It’s a solid tactic for anyone who wants their gifts to become part of a longer, more romantic story.