Hurricane Irma Is Going To Cost You Big Bucks On Breakfast

O.J. like, “I’m not expensive, I’m O.J.”

Hurricane Irma: “Okay…”

Imagine living in a world where you’re spending nearly $7 for a gallon of orange juice. That could be the cold, hard reality soon, as Hurricane Irma’s decimation of the orange crop in Florida could cause orange juice prices to soar. The only solutions to the shortage will come if Brazil can save the day by increasing exports to the U.S., or if consumers switch up their orange juice purchases to other juices or juice blends. However, in a world full of zeal for the organic, the latter is not likely.

The Florida Department of Citrus explained that not only is there a shortage of fruit, citrus farmers are dealing with a plethora of uprooted trees and may have to declare an agricultural emergency. High winds have caused weakened branches, and fruit that would otherwise be left to ripen on trees is falling from branches prematurely.

As uncomfortable as this is for those who never miss the “most important meal of the day,” Florida’s economy is also at stake — as oranges are its most important export and this 30% – 70% reduction in normal production will, no doubt, hurt the Sunshine State’s coffers. In addition to citrus shortages putting the squeeze on residents, Hurricane Irma’s victims are also dealing with increased utilities charges, insurance policies that do not coverage damages, the cost of repair projects, and stretched social services.

As the nation turns its eyes to Puerto Rico and Mexico, it is hopeful that our peninsular pals to the east will begin recovery sooner rather than later. Our mimosas depend on it.