World’s Greatest Husband Drives 800 Miles To Bring His Wife KFC On Their Anniversary

A Canadian man drove over 800 miles just to provide his wife with Kentucky Fried Chicken on their anniversary.

Take a second to think about that. Have you ever driven 800 miles purely for someone else who wasn’t gravely ill? If the answer is “no,” then in the immortal (and paraphrased) words of Lenny Williams: “Maybe you’ve never been in love like Mike Johnston’s been in love.”

Johnston and his wife began their tradition of annually buying up loads of Kentucky Fried Chicken on their wedding day, when they fed their guests with 500 pieces of chain chicken. They had kept the tradition alive for 14 years when their local KFC was shuttered and Johnston was forced to go Kentucky Fried Trekkin’.

The closest location to their home in Yellowknife, Canada was 435 miles away. Johnston rode there and back in a day just to keep the tradition alive.

“This year was the most difficult one to plan,” Johnston’s wife Angela Hovak told the CBC. “But my husband didn’t hesitate.”

All told, the trip cost Johnston over $600 in gas and chicken, but Johnston believes it was worth it.

“[It was] worth every penny. We have to keep traditions alive,” he said. “Fifteen years. Why stop now?”

Besides, he had to see if the chicken got any better once KFC actually taught their chefs how to cook.

(Via First We Feast)