This Dog Blowing Bubbles In Her Water Bowl Is Something You Absolutely Need To See Today

It’s Monday, which means that your work week has just started and there’s a whole week stretching between you and that six-hour nap you’re planning to take next Saturday. And if you work in an office, it’s likely that at least one of your co-workers has already made you want to open a window and take a flying leap. We get it: Mondays suck. But today doesn’t have to, thanks to a dog blowing bubbles in her bowl of water.

Yep, that’s what’s going to fix all your post-weekend woes, friend — a dog blowing bubbles in her bowl. Don’t believe it? Think you’ve seen everything awesome there is to see? Well, forget Chewbacca mom and feast your eyes on the below video. Five internet dollars (not real currency so don’t come at us) says you’ll get at least a sensible chuckle out of this one.

Look at how much fun she’s having! Look at her going back for more! This is a dog that truly knows what life is about. Forget about everything else, the only way to truly enjoy yourself is to get a bowl of water and start making as many bubbles as you can.