Hyundai Took Cues From ‘Iron Man’ To Create This Futuristic Exoskeleton

Science fiction has given scientists and dreamers fuel for what the future should look like for ages now, with stuff like wearable devices, tablets and ever our modern spacecraft taking cues from some of the best imaginations that we’ve ever known. Now that our technology and capabilities are starting to finally line up with the great ideas of science fiction past we can start looking to a future. Hyundai is one of those companies that has always been looking towards the future while working to make advancements in robotics.

Hyundai took a cue from the recent Iron Man films for their advances in robotics by building this exoskeleton. The idea for the exoskeleton comes from their “Next Mobility” group, says Gizmodo. Practical applications for the exoskeleton are to help those with disabilities to be able to move more freely to military applications and even to replace forklifts in factories. If that doesn’t sound like the loader suit that Sigourney Weaver wore in Aliens, I’m not sure what does.

While no announcement of availability or price have come from Hyundai just yet, they are looking to make this commercially available. That’s kind of exciting and horrifying at the same time, isn’t it?


(Via Gizmodo/Hyundai)