IKEA Recalls 29 Million Chests And Dressers After Six Children Are Killed

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Following the deaths of at least six children between 1989 and this year, IKEA has issued a recall that includes 29 million of their chests and dressers . The Swedish furniture retailer said that it will no longer sell its “Malm” line of products because they can tip over onto and fatally injure children.

“Please take them out of the room,” IKEA USA president Lars Peterson said in an interview with NBC News.

The company is offering repair kits to any customers that wish to keep the dressers. The kits will anchor the dresser to the wall to prevent them from toppling. Peterson told NBC that refunds will also be offered.

The company started a campaign to anchor the Malm series dressers last year, following two deaths stemming from the product. Though the company sent out over 300,000 free kits to their customers, a third death prompted them to issue a recall.

“It is clear that there are still unsecured products in customers’ homes,” IKEA said in a statement. “We believe that taking further action is the right thing to do.”

Jackie Collas, the mother of one of the children killed by an IKEA dresser, told NBC that she’s hoping that more parents heed the advice of IKEA and either anchor the dressers or remove them from their home.

(Via NBC News)

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