In-N-Out Is Finally Expanding And They’re Doing It In A Major Way

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In-N-Out‘s reputation as a burger joint to visit, savor and photograph (see above) precedes in places that haven’t been graced by the chain with a devoted following. Heck, Sacramento Kings rookie De’Aaron Fox caused a minor uproar last month by questioning what all the fuss was about. In-N-Out has played things somewhat conservatively in their increased expansion elsewhere in the U.S. and now the restaurant has found another state to set up shop.

The Orange County Register reports that In-N-Out is planning to expand to Colorado. The chain will be opening a beef-patty production facility and distribution center in Colorado Springs, as well as up to 50 restaurants in the Centennial State. Company spokesperson Carl Arena noted that because this Colorado expansion is still in its infancy there’s no concrete timetable for when to expect In-N-Out (and its not so secret “secret menu”) to arrive in the state. As one does in a statement about a company’s expansion, Arena expressed excitement over their Colorado introduction.

“In-N-Out Burger is excited to be in the early planning stages of its expansion to the state of Colorado,” said Arena. “Colorado Springs is an ideal community for us to locate facilities to serve surrounding markets with fresh ingredients, including meat patties produced locally.”

In-N-Out is slowly but surely moving beyond its California roots, but those of us not in that state or in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Oregon, we’ll have to rely on stories, travel and Instagram to give us an idea of what we’re missing.

(Via Orange County Register)