This Coffee Artist’s Edible Designs Will Absolutely Blow You Away

If you thought the Unicorn Frappe was a pretty coffee drink, then get ready to literally die. If Starbuck’s served Korean artist, Kangbin Lee’s coffee creations, there would be lines that stretched for miles. Baristas who complained about the Unicorn being too complicated would take one look at these and revolt.

Seriously, there would chaos around the country as Starbuck’s after Starbuck’s was burned to the ground and people took to looting in the streets. BECAUSE LEE’S DRINKS ARE TOO BEAUTIFUL FOR HUMANITY TO HANDLE AND WE DON’T DESERVE THEM.

Let’s serve up a little bio with this coffee porn: Lee is a barista and teacher in South Korea, and began making art in his lattes for fun. But his drinks weren’t a quickly swirled leaf or heart, these were an elevated experience. He calls his creations ‘cremart’, and told Uproxx that he just enjoys seeing his customers’ happy expressions when they receive their magnificent drinks.

Lee draws the pictures in the latte foam using chocolate sauce, espresso, and food coloring so they’re 100 percent edible. Though, we honestly don’t know if we’d be able to drink them — they’re too incredible.

When he’s not being the best barista on the planet, Lee teaches at a local university. He says he gets his inspiration from all over the place, but will try to customize them for people on holidays or anniversaries. He also loves movies, and his Disney creations are super popular.

Lee told us customers, are generally stunned by his creations and insist they could never drink them, but they always eventually do. And, he says, they’re just as delicious as they are beautiful.

Check out more art by Lee below and follow him on Instagram!