The Restaurant Industry Is Taking Strong Action On International Women’s Day

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03.08.17 2 Comments


This year, International Women’s Day — a holiday celebrating the achievements of women as well as pushing for more parity, gender inclusivity, and “a better working world” — is more important than ever. That’s because today, women around the country are taking a stand by not going to work (if possible), wearing red, and shopping only at women and minority-owned businesses to remind us that women are an important part of our society and our economy.

While some have criticized the demonstration already — do yourself a favor and skip the ‘WhileTheFeministsAreAway’ hashtag — many business owners (and some school districts) are standing in solidarity with the strike, the same way that so many stood with their employees during the ‘Day Without An Immigrant‘ protest last month. The strike is targeting all lines of work, and all types of businesses, but there’s one area where consumers may feel the impact of the protest the most: at the diners, pubs, and bakeries where they enjoy their lunches and dinners every day.

Around the country, restaurants are finding ways to support their female employees by offering them paid leave or running specials that fundraise for important women-centered organizations. In D.C., for instance, Ruth Gresser, the owner of Pizzeria Paradiso and Veloce, has planned to take action in solidarity with the demonstration for several weeks.

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