Can This Invention Revolutionize The Way Brides Use The Bathroom In A Wedding Dress?

If you’re a woman who has ever gotten married, or a woman who has seen a good friend through on her wedding day, chances are you’ve either been on the business end or receiving end of a wedding dress in a bathroom stall. Because it clearly never occurred to the genius who invented the modern day wedding dress (probably a man — am I right, ladies?) that eventually the blushing bride (emphasis on blushing) was gonna have to pop a squat under those miles and miles of fabric. Hence, a lady usually needs the assistance of one or more of her bridesmaids to be able to hold the dress up to relieve herself.

So, what’s a bride to do? Well, you can always get a shorter dress, which is a fashionable and typically more affordable option these days. But if you’re the type of bride who doesn’t want to eschew tradition, this revolutionary new product might be just the thing you need.

The Bridal Buddy (seen in the above YouTube tutorial video which is just now going viral as we head into prime wedding season) works as kind of a slip that goes under your dress, but when it’s time to use the potty, it conveniently bunches your dress up into a kind of bag around your midsection, keeping your expensive gown off of the bathroom floor and out of the toilet. No bridesmaids needed!

It also has armholes that only kind of make the bride look like she’s wearing a trash bag or Sumo wrestler costume.

But hey! There’s no pee on that dress! The Bridal Buddy will set you back just $59.95 and comes in petite or average/tall sizes. If you’re spending that much on a wedding dress, might as well keep from getting pee on it, while basking in the leisure of taking a leak in private. What a time to be alive.

(Via Us Weekly)