Model Iskra Lawrence Is Now Being Threatened By A Killer Clown

Life & Culture Editor
09.27.16 2 Comments

What do plus-size model Iskra Lawrence and killer clowns have in common? On the surface, not a lot. And yet, the clowns, or at least a clown (probably not one of the harlequins busy terrorizing southern states) has been coming for Lawrence on her Instagram.

According to Bro Bible, the model’s father takes great care to manage her social media in such a way that Lawrence won’t see mean posts, but the one from the clown — and possibly more — was shown to her during an upcoming episode of Inside Out West Midlands, which airs on the BBC. In the above clip (and it’s actually pretty terrifying), you can see Lawrence reacting to a message from a man in white makeup threatening to come and kill her in a creepy voice straight out of the Saw films.

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