Jack Daniel’s Is Making It Really Easy To Get Through A Hangover With This New Line Of Coffee


Get excited, college students (and many other people on planet Earth). The multi-step process of adding whiskey to your coffee after a particularly rough night — or if you want whiskey in your coffee for no reason at all, we won’t judge — just got a whole lot easier. Jack Daniel’s is officially selling a line of whiskey-infused coffee for all your functioning alcoholic needs. The line of coffee is pretty straight-forwardly named “Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Coffee” and the flavor is 100% Arabica bean coffee that is then infused with Daniel’s Old No. 7.

Unfortunately, the only buzz you will get from this line of coffees is from the caffeine, as it is actually a non-alcoholic product. Which is probably for the best, seeing as putting two of the world’s best products together in one cup so easily means that people would never stop wanting to drink it and then a lot of people would have problems. Maybe it’s best that there’s still an extra few steps between buying the whiskey and having it in your morning brew.

As of now, this newfangled coffee product can be bought through the online Jack Daniel’s store as well as at their general store at the distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee (a highly recommended detour if you ever find yourself down that way). Maybe someday soon it will be on local store shelves as well and the (hopefully delicious) flavor will be much more accessible for all coffee-lovers.

(via Thrillist)