An Adventure Photographer Shares Stunning Pictures From The Ends Of The Earth

03.25.17 2 years ago

Jake Anderson

If you’re already going to go on some of the coolest adventures on the planet, then you pretty much have to take photos to document your travels, right? It’s a no brainer, and describes exactly how Jake Anderson got into photography. “I was always doing sports and I was always outside,” Anderson told us. “But I never had any proof or photos of me actually doing stuff. It was a natural progression into me taking pictures. Just recording the places that I was going, the stuff that I was doing, and capturing the people around me doing it.”

The self taught photographer realized that his adventures were taking him to corners and into crevasses of the Earth that few people would ever get the chance to explore. So he became their eyes, his photos offering a portal to the breathtaking sights he was visiting. It’s a kind of magic that you only find in great photography. People can look at Anderson’s photography and, just for a second, see the world exactly as he saw it in that moment.

Growing up in the Blue Mountains of Australia, Anderson took for granted that he lived in one of the most beautiful places on Earth with some of the best canyoning in the world. But living overseas for awhile made him appreciate the sheer awesomeness of his homeland. He began to learn canyoning, soon growing obsessed with the sport, and this led him to become an expert in adventure photography.

It’s a difficult, dangerous game, getting pictures while climbing down cliffs, trekking through tundras, and fighting through torrential rain. But Jake Anderson thrives on adventure, constantly testing his limits, his courage, and his skill.

I skyped with Jake this week and he told me about the challenges of adventure photography, the joys that he gets to experience with every trip, and how extreme adventure drives him to take on the world in ways most of us could only imagine.

Jake Anderson