Jamie Dornan Celebrates Your Favorite Part Of St. Patrick’s Day With These Fun Terms For Being Drunk

It’s officially St. Patrick’s Day and that means most people are planning out their day and evening in order to maximize their liquid celebration of the day. It’s all about the wearin’ of the green and the drinkin’ of the booze, with everybody pretending to be Irish and pretending that being Irish is awesome — something that wasn’t always true if you read your scholars.Jimmy Kimmel decided to celebrate in two ways on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Not only did he bring back the classic Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama clip, crowning it the greatest viral news clip in history, but he brought ina real Irishman to share some terms for being drunk on the holiday.

I don’t really believe these terms from Jamie Dornan are wholly Irish in their origin, but whatever. It’s all about dying that beer green and getting “boiled in the bag” by the end of the night.

This is a fine way to celebrate the true meaning of the holiday, even if Dornan seems like he’d rather be staring out a rainy window somewhere. It covers the bases and doesn’t mention snakes or pinching at all, which is stuff that should be stricken from the record. Kimmel likely knew it wasn’t too strong and decided to lead with the leprechaun video. It’s a crowd pleaser and never fails to bring smiles to faces. So if Jamie Dornan has disappointed you, please allow the fine folks of Mobile, Alabama to bring a little light back into your life.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)