A Japanese Grocer Spent $11,000 On 30 Grapes That He’s Just Going To Give Away

When most of us think of expensive foods our minds tend to wander towards the standards; caviar, fine wines and champagnes, aged cheeses and just about anything that is on the shelves at the local Whole Foods. Japan has once again one-upped the rest of the world, though, by having a grocer that values the finer things in life above and beyond the cheese section at your local foodie market, this time by purchasing what has to be the most expensive grapes that anyone has ever heard of.

That’s right, this isn’t even a fine wine that we are talking about, this is just grapes. According to Mashable, the Kurashi Kaientai market in Japan has gone to the extreme by purchasing a bunch of grapes valued at 1.1 million yen ($10,950). Exactly how many grapes were included in this bunch? Thirty. There were only 30 grapes included in this bunch of much-sought-after Roman Ruby grapes, valuing each individual grape at a whopping $365 apiece.

Takamaru Konishi, the owner of Kurashi Kaientai, explained to the press that he would be displaying the grapes for a while, then sharing them with his customers so that they can experience what a $365 grape tastes like. To the grapes’ credit, they are native to the Ishikawa prefecture and the sugar percentage per grape is at least 18%. They are carefully raised until every grape in a bunch weighs in at over 20 grams, then are put up for auction, where someone like Mr. Konishi will purchase them and proudly display them for the world to drool over.

This wasn’t Konishi’s first time diving into the murky waters of high-priced fruit at auction, either. Back in May he purchased a pair of Yubari melons for 3 million yen ($29,885 USD) at an auction in Sapporo. This guy.

(Via Mashable)

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