Your Dream Job Is Here — Japan Is Hiring Full-Time Ninjas To Promote ‘Warlord Tourism’

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At the beginning of March, Netflix announced it was looking for a few good people to roam the earth and live like royalty while visiting the sets of its shows. Not to be outdone in the “jobs you always wanted your college counselor to tell you about” category, a prefecture in Japan is hoping to hire six full-time ninjas to promote tourism to the region and educate the public about what being a martial artist with real ultimate power is really about (not flipping out and killing people 24/7, apparently.)

The BBC reports that the jobs are available to anyone older than 18 and willing to live in Aichi prefecture. Of course, anyone applying doesn’t just have to have a love of ninjas, but must be able to show off their physical fitness and acrobatic prowess (although it’s probable that the actual acrobatics will be learned on the job). The pay comes to about $1,600 a month and the job includes both public displays of skill and power as well as radio and television work. Oh, and also the excitement of telling people that you’re a full-time ninja employed by the government.

More about the job, via The BBC:

Ideal candidates should “enjoy being under the spotlight even though he or she is a secretive ninja,” Satoshi Adachi of the prefecture’s tourism promotion unit, told AFP.
As the troupe will sometimes perform in English, Japanese language skills are preferred rather than essential, Mr. Adachi said, although a passion for history and tourism is a requirement.

Applications closes March 22 and the chosen ninjas are expected to start performing at the end of April. Anyone applying should know that a big part of the position is correcting the public’s misconceptions about ninjas. A love of history is encouraged; surf boards, however, should be left at home.

(Via BBC)

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