A New Meme From Japan Asks: Is This Bread Or A Baby’s Chubby Arm?

File this one under the most Japan meme ever: 7-Eleven stores in the country are selling small loaves of pull-apart bread, and at some point, parents of newborns couldn’t help noticing that the bread looks exactly like a baby’s chubby little Michelin Man arms. Now parents are sharing pictures of their baby’s arms next to loaves of the bread with the roughly translated hashtag, #MyBaby’sGotTheBestBreadPhoto.

People, people: Your weird baby bread photos are all great. Why do we have to have a competition as to which is best?

Oddly enough, comparing your baby to food is not an unusual phenomenon in Japan, as parents apparently regularly compare their children to food items such as rice balls or mochi on social media. While it may sound weird to us Westerners, is it really any worse than that Anne Geddes crap? Honestly.

(Via BuzzFeed)