Enjoy Jay Pharoah Impersonating Eddie Murphy And Many More While Rating Hot Sauce

Jay Pharoah is determined not to go gentle into that good, post-Saturday Night Live night. After news broke that Pharaoh would not be returning for SNL‘s 42nd season, some wondered whether the 28-year-old comedian would find another outlet for his spot-in impersonations. It wasn’t long, however, before these fears were resoundingly quelled: Pharaoh is reportedly set to star in a Showtime series based loosely on the life and career of Jamie Foxx. Though many late-night alums have struggled to achieve success outside Studio 8H, Pharoah is walking a promising path.

Produced by First We Feast, “Hot Ones” is a YouTube series that’s part interview, part hot sauce taste test. Pharoah was the show’s most recent guest, and he brought along his impressive arsenal of killer celebrity impressions. He warms up with a fast and loose DMX before transitioning into a gesture-heavy Eddie Murphy and a subdued yet volatile Denzel Washington. This all leads up to what is arguably the clip’s highlight: Pharoah’s pained reaction to an especially potent pepper sauce as channeled through Smeagol from Lord of the Rings. “You idiots! This could make my bowel movements terrible!” Smeagol screams before Pharoah, himself again, proclaims the sauce to be “great.”

Catch the full episode of “Hot Ones” featuring Jay Pharoah this Thursday.

(Via First We Feast)