Ignite Your Curiosity With This Magical Video Of A Jellyfish That Looks Like Some Sort Of Alien Species

04.30.16 3 years ago

There are jellyfish, and then there are jellyfish. This little guy belongs in that latter category. He (she? it? do jellyfish even have genders?) was identified earlier this week 3,700 meters—that’s over two miles!—underwater during Dive 4 of the Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas, in the Enigma Seamount.

According to NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, which posted the video on their Facebook page, the futuristic-looking-slash-cute jellyfish is a hydromedusa belonging to the genus Crossota.

Note the two sets of tentacles — short and long. At the beginning of the video, you’ll see that the long tentacles are even and extended outward and the bell is motionless. This suggests an ambush predation mode. Within the bell, the radial canals in red are connecting points for what looks like the gonads in bright yellow.

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