Jet Lag May Soon Disappear With The Help Of A New Airplane Design


It may be a last ditch effort excuse, but we’ve all heard it at least once. Once you convince your friends travel won’t be that expensive, the culture shock will do them well, and they won’t grow deathly-ill, get robbed, or be murdered, out comes the Hail Mary attempt, “Jet lag sounds like a b*tch.”

At this point, you should realize your friend is a hopeless house-cat of a person. Moreover, even that argument doesn’t hold up anymore. There will soon be no excuse for not seeing the world. Airbus and Qatar Airways have teamed up to bring us a carbon-fiber flying palace that reduces the severity of jet lag.

The A350 XWB jet was designed earlier in 2015, but first touched down in the U.S. last week. Airbus’s $15 billion research and development budget for the project ushered in newly improved bells and whistles. These updates include a more aerodynamic, carbon-fiber wing and body system (which translates to better performance at lower speeds), better gas mileage, and a quieter ride. It is also less susceptible to corrosion.

The plane also sports a wider fuselage for more comfortable seating and more legroom in economy. Alain De Zotti, chief engineer of the project, adds, “Business class is now like first class was, and first class is like little apartments.”

Most excitingly, the redesigned LED inlays and temperature sensitivity, which people all over the plane will experience, are intended to curb jet lag and ensure comfort. To ease the physical toll of screwing with the body’s internal clock, the plane is fitted with LED lights that change color temperature to mimic the sun’s natural glow and are timed with natural circadian rhythms. To keep air from feeling stale, the plane’s filtering system also renews the cabin air every few minutes, so you’re left feeling fresh.

So, if you’re still friends with those home bodies who have no interest in travel, they now have one less argument.

(Via Hypebeast)