John Kasich Defends Eating His Pizza With A Knife And Fork On ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’

There are a lot of unforgivable partisan sins one whose running to be the Republican presidential nominee can commit. Saying “hello” to the sitting president, saying you don’t want to commit war crimes, and speaking terrible Spanish are all on the list of no-nos. But Ohio Governor John Kasich committed the one sin that is unforgivable across all party lines: eating pizza with a fork.

The exact-opposite-of-a-front-runner even had the gall to defend his pie-eating shenanigans on Late Night with Seth Meyers (known colloquially as the “John Kasich of Late Nite”). His reasoning? The pizza was just too hot.

“It was so hot and I made a terrible mistake,” he said. “I picked up a fork.”

“What’s wrong with you politicians that you don’t know how to eat pizza?” Meyers said, referencing other fork-users like former Florida Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush. “You wait a second.”

Kasich countered with a pretty solid answer that anyone who comes from a large family can relate to.

“When I was in college, I had 15 roommates. You think we waited for the pizza to cool?” he said. “There’d be no pizza left.”

Try to get the image of 14 ravenous bros and a young Kasich all chowing down on pizza with little plastic forks out of your head. It’s impossible.