Watch This Giant Horde of Terrifying Kangaroos Haunt A Cyclist In Australia

Most of the time kangaroos are cool, fun animals, but make no mistake, they will come after you if provoked.

A cyclist in Australia was riding along when suddenly he came upon a horde of eastern gray Kangaroos. Normally, this is commonplace in Australia, but this time, the marsupials decided to thoroughly f*ck with the cyclist, Ben Vezina, by stopping what they were doing and staring him down in a scene straight out of a bad M. Night Shyamalan movie.

The Kangaroos stared right through Vezina’s soul as he passed through but none of them made a move toward him, which is fortunate for him, because he would have had absolutely no chance against a horde that big.

Kangaroos are generally peaceful animals and aren’t going to attack you for no reason. Usually, in fact, they’ll run out of the way at a sight of a person. But this time, the horde weren’t backing down and surrounded Vezina on both sides before hopping away like nothing happened.

Just another reason in the list of reasons never to go to Australia, joining raining spiders, python’s in cereal boxes, goblin sharks, and whatever this thing is. I think that North America will suit me just fine for now, thanks.

(Via YouTube)