Pizza Hut Continues To Relentlessly Troll The Hell Out Of Kanye West

Kanye West Yeezy Season 3 - Runway
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Love him or hate him, Kanye is in dire straits. The dude has hit a rough patch, — a $53 million rough patch to be exact (if you buy his claim) — the specifics of which are up to speculation. But, with his looming album release, the debt announcement and Twitter rants have sparked some backlash. Martin Shkreli is after him, he’s at odds with Wiz, and it seems the fast food industry is, collectivelykicking him while he’s down.

Pizza Hut (UK) specifically has been taking jabs at Yeezy since yesterday and continues to relentlessly dig into him. What started as a passing comment has escalated to a trolling nightmare. A nightmare that culminated in the pizza franchise telling the Louis Vuitton Don himself to show up to work and start kneading dough. They went on to give a backhanded poke at his Zuckerberg tweet, the one where he asked for a billion dollar handout. A tweet the internet-at-large has continued to have a field day with.

If the man took some time away from tweeting and prepping the world for his #2020 campaign, maybe he should step behind the counter at Pizza Hut for a while. A move like that might give him some perspective.

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