Kellogg’s Launched A Peeps Cereal That Doesn’t Have Any Peeps In It

Feel how you want about Peeps, but one thing is for certain: If you’re going to make a Peeps cereal, people are going to EXPECT them to be shaped like mother-f*cking Peeps! Rage aside, Kellogg’s has just released a new Peeps branded marshmallow flavored cereal which consists of — wait for it — O’s and mini marshmallow bits. Lucky Charms have marshmallows in multiple shapes and colors, but Peeps?

Nah. The people at Kellogg’s seem to think these Kraft Jet-Puffed mallows will do the trick.

The new cereal has already hit store shelves for a limited run. Though Kellogg’s hasn’t officially announced an end date, our money is on after Easter though because when the hell else are people even thinking about Peeps? From the looks of it, it appears the pastelish-toned O’s are encrusted with some type of sugar and look a bit like sickly Froot Loops. At the least, you can expect the milk in your bowl to take on the appearance of a Peep — albeit one that has been liquified in some type of weird accident for YouTube clicks.

I gotta say, as one of the people out there who actually enjoy Peeps this is a big disappointment. Twitter users were a mixed bag of excited and perplexed, though they seemed more concerned with the concept rather than the contents. Different people have different priorities I guess.