Let Kenny Powers Show You How To Be A Winner In 2016

01.01.16 3 years ago

It’s that time of year again. The day when you stare into the bathroom mirror and regret those third servings of stuffing that you pounded amidst various holiday feasts. It’s that time of year when you blow the dust off of your daily planner, your ’97 treadmill, and the jogging shoes you wore for one week in January. Never mind those false starts in your past. You have a life coach now, and his name is Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down (which is available to stream on HBO Now).

You might be thinking, “KP is a deviant and a scumbag who’s live revolves around drugs, women, and rock & roll.” To which we say: point taken. But let’s, for a second, peel away those layers of debauchery, and take a look at the motivations behind the (anti)hero. He’s a winner on the baseball field. (Well, most of the time.) He’s interested in health and wellness. He’s a testament to the American Dream — a strong-willed warrior who can attest to the adage that hard work pays dividends.

Are we embellishing? Maybe a tad bit, but there’s no question that if you pay close attention, Kenny Powers has the road to success in 2016 mapped out. Let us follow upon that road, and make this upcoming year the “year of us.”

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