Kevin Hart Risks His Most Valuable Asset And Eats Some Insanely Hot Wings

Is there anyone on the planet that hustles harder than Kevin Hart? Even if you’re not a fan of the dude’s comedy, you’ve got to be impressed by his ridiculous work ethic. (And if you’re not? Well, Kevin Hart has earned enough money to send your sour ass into space.) Naturally, Hart is in full promo blitz mode for his latest comedy offering, Kevin Hart: What Now?. Too bad for him his stretch of appearances includes a spot taking on the infamous “Hot Ones” challenge.

Hart popped by First We Feast‘s hybrid interview/mouthblister program to eat wings of increasing heat and talk about his career. That’s not exactly easy to do when taking in sauces like Mad Dog 357 without any real recovery time between questions that range from male strip clubs to his Chocolate Droppa persona. Basically, Hart is either eating, suffering or providing some valuable insight throughout this 22 minute endurance test.

“This sh*t is making me delirious!” proclaims Hart as the wings take their toll. “I feel like I did a drug, man. I’m high!”

Experience the highs, lows and descent into madness this wing challenge provides by hitting play on the magic rectangle we have located at the top of the screen. Also find it in your heart to pray for Kevin Hart’s tongue. The man needs that for work.

(Via First We Feast)