You Can Finally Charge Your Phone With A Box Of KFC Chicken

In an exciting development for millennial fried chicken enthusiasts, the baby-boomer executives in KFC’s marketing department have finally figured out a way to combine bacchanalian fast food consumption with a portable USB charger. That’s right, the new 5-in-1 meal box — otherwise known as the “Watt a Box” — actually features an internal power source that customers can use to charge their phones while eating.

In a video released by KFC in support of the “Watt a Box” campaign, a young woman is seen texting a friend about the mysterious and sexy Rohan, who has just asked our young heroine on a date. It is at this point that tragedy strikes and the young woman’s phone battery flashes as critically low, Fear not, because the young woman is in a KFC. She charges her phone while eating — presumably — five different pieces of fried food. When she is finished ingesting, she realizes that she had accidentally been texting Rohan all along instead of her friend.

Sure, the video is a roller coaster of emotions, but it raises the question: how well does the “Watt a Box” actually charge a mobile device?

Sadly, the “Watt a Box” is completely unable to deliver a full charge to any phone, with some testers making the claim that they were only able to achieve a charge increase of 17 percent after 30 minutes of charging.

Currently, the “Watt a Box” is only available at select locations in Delhi and Mumbai, which means those of us in the U.S. may never be able to partially charge our mobile devices while eating fried food.

(Via Engadget)