This Kid Just Can’t Handle All The ‘Stupid’ People Out There Destroying The Environment

This poor little guy just got hit with some pretty real information about the state of the planet. Or if you’re watching from another point of view, he just got worked up over a pack of lies about the state of the planet. Either way, he’s bawling his eyes out because of these stupid people out there littering, cutting down trees, and just generally treating Earth like one big dumpster. It’s actually more of a toilet, which needs care and love to work properly.

Little Henry realizes that after one day at school and Allie Hall caught it all on video:

Picked Henry up from school the other day and I had no idea he was this passionate about our planet. Don’t litter or he might call you the “S” word!

I think we’ve all been pretty emotional over one thing or another, but it’s cool that a kid this young would be so passionate about the environment. I was likely more passionate about beating Mega Man 2 or discovering that one of my toys was missing. Probably still more concerned with plenty of things other than the environment.

The only thing I can hope is that this kid doesn’t grow up to be some sort of eco-terrorist warrior, looking to bring down society to save the Earth. We’ve still got at least six more Star Wars films to make it through before I’m OK with society collapsing.

(Via Facebook / Mashable)