Jimmy Kimmel Follows Up Starbucks New Unicorn Frappuccino With A Fitting Creation Of His Own

Managing Editor, Trending

The Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks has earned the type of response that’s usually reserved for someone who is just learning to cook. It’s a sweet punch in the mouth that some people enjoy, but most are treating it like that dog that takes a lick of a Warhead. The people apparently hate it, the employees at Starbucks don’t enjoy making it, so you’re left wondering what the point of this drink’s existence could be? If the secret ingredient is spite, I wouldn’t be surprised.

To follow up the new drink, Jimmy Kimmel goes ahead and gives the company an idea for their next concoction. The F*ck-it-ccino is the perfect response to today’s turbulent world and Kimmel wants to have Starbucks be the company that helps you cope with it. Terrorism, nuclear war, poverty, countless deaths, and political turbulence are all things of the past after you guzzle down this large glass of coffee, pancake batter, vodka, and Lexapro. Anti-depressants take a little while to work, so you’re definitely going to want to order more than one.

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