Watch A Massive Great White Shark Circle This Kite Surfer

As humans, we believe that we are the top of the food chain. We build massive, sprawling cities and sleep in our beds blissfully unaware of the dangers right outside of our windows. We have no fear of animals bursting through our walls to devour us. There are no predators more dominant than humans. At least as long as we stay on dry land.

The ocean is a different story. Everything is thrown out the window when we dip our toes into the sea. It’s dark and cold and bottomless and… scary as hell. The vast, dark oceans are still mostly a mystery and hide some of the most ferocious, nightmarish creatures to ever exist on earth. And they really aren’t afraid to show us that they exist.

See? We believe that since we are humans we are safe to enjoy leisure activities on the ocean surface without an fear of what is hiding beneath waiting to strike. But we are wrong. Recently, a camera caught an encounter frightening enough that even the mayor of Amity Island would close the beaches for swimmers.

A French adventure blogger name Isabelle Fabre was enjoying a day of kite-surfing in Western Australia when a giant, dark mass appeared in the water below her and slowly began circling. A drone flying above her caught the image of what ended up being a two meter long shark that appeared to have found a snack for itself. She didn’t panic. This isn’t the first time she’s encountered a shark and it won’t be the last.

She described her whole experience in a series of Facebook posts. She wasn’t sure at first what it was. She thought (hoped) that it was just a playful dolphin. “When it passed beneath me, I realised it was a huge Great White shark,” she wrote in a post. She decided that the time was right to head back to sure before she became a meal.