There’s Now A Kylie Jenner Milkshake And It Looks Obscenely Delicious

What doesn’t cool teen Kylie Jenner have these days? She’s got money, her own video game, and even teens spending every dollar they have trying to emulate her signature look. But she doesn’t have her own milkshake! Or at least she didn’t until now. But that bridge has been crossed. Meet the Kylie Jenner milkshake, created by Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer (the insane milkshake people).

The shake, which was created for Elite Daily, and is probably something Jenner hasn’t actually yet tried/will never actually try probably because it looks like it’s bigger than most normal people and probably not safe for human consumption, is pretty basic (to make). Starting with a vanilla ice cream base, it’s mixed with milk and vanilla syrup before being loaded to the brim with more candy than you should ever eat in one sitting. Berries are also included, but whatever health benefits they might have will never outweigh all that artificial sugary goodness.

Also, the berries are on the outside? Because the top of the actual glass is coated with thick cream so they can stick to it? What is even going on here?

And then all sorts of candy and whipped cream is added:

And then the huge lips are drizzled with chocolate to resemble Kylie Jenner’s make-up collection. Yep, forgot she had one of those, too:

It’s not clear whether this milkshake is available to purchase, but considering how many Kylie Jenner fans live in the tri-state area, putting it on the market might actually close down the business. We can only imagine the mobs of teens lining up around the block.