One Of Las Vegas’ Most Successful Madams Talks About Why People Cheat, And Offers Us Relationship Advice

Jami Rodman is notorious. Once one of the highest-paid madams in the Las Vegas escort business, the 38-year-old entrepreneur was outed when it was revealed that Olympic runner Suzy Favor Hamilton was working for her. These days, Rodman is out of the escorting game and working on a degree in international studies. She let her alter ego — Haley Heston — out for one last hurrah in her memoir, which details the ins and outs of being a stripper, an escort, and eventually, a madam.

Rodman’s book, The Las Vegas Madam: The Escorts, The Clients, The Truth, came out in December and will make even the most fervent 50 Shades fans blush a deep crimson. Aside from being an engaging story, the memoir is also an unapologetic exploration of a young woman’s transition from an ultra-religious childhood to the glitz, glamour, and loneliness of selling sex in Sin City. While Rodman is no longer living the high life (these days she just goes to class and hopes no one googles her), she’s still a fountain of knowledge when it comes to issues of relationships, monogamy, and the ethics of cheating.

What has the transition back to civilian life been like for you?

Gosh, that was actually really hard at first, because for my last eight years I wasn’t living a “normal” life. It was very much about multi-tasking. A lot of crises, problems. When I was in Las Vegas, I thought it was pretty normal, but now that I’ve left, I realize people don’t party for a week straight and do that for three years solid.

A lot of the people that we met in the sex industry were dynamic people. A lot of men from higher-end professions and sports. Everybody goes to Vegas and we met them all. I had to spend a lot of time catering to their needs and dealing with problems and solving problems all the time. At one time, I think I had four cellphones and when I stopped doing that and tried to focus, especially on writing a book that would make coherent sense, it was really hard to refocus my thought process. But I think living here [California] helps that a lot. People do go to bed at a normal time and restaurants do close at a certain time, so it’s more conducive to stepping over into a different type of lifestyle.

You talk a lot in your book about the different types of people who come to see you. Some are, as expected, really sad, but there’s a whole range. Couples, for instance. How often did couples come to you?

Quite a lot actually. More than I would have thought when I got into the business. They seek out escorts for different reasons, and spicing up your marriage is, of course, one of those. I think women generally are interested in other women and exploring sexuality with other women. Men, of course, always have that fantasy of two women or seeing their wife with another woman… but as I say, there were lots of different reasons.

Sometimes women would be curious on their anniversaries. Birthday gifts were common. Wives would give their husbands a birthday gift of a threesome. We had young couples that started seeing us every month. It was just part of their monthly date night, and then older couples, too. There was a gamut of reactions to the experience.  A lot of times, women were more reserved.  You can just imagine the emotions going on in that kind of situation.