The DJ Behind ‘All Day I Dream’ Tells Us His Favorite Hangouts In His Favorite Party Cities

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Lee Burridge knows how to party. Making his name in the Hong Kong underground club scene, Lee has been spinning since the mid-80s and has set the groove at now-legendary locales like Thailand’s Full Moon Party (an all-night beach party on the island Ko Pha-ngan) or the Cova Santa in Ibiza. But it wasn’t until attending Burning Man for the first time that Lee would get inspired to throw his very own day to night party on a Brooklyn rooftop in 2011.

That rooftop party would become known as All Day I Dream, which has since touched down in party destinations all across the world — from Mykonos, Dubai, and London, to Brazil, St. Petersburg, Ibiza, and Tulum. In taking the fun on the road, he’s turned All Day I Dream into the premier destination for day to night partying to the sounds of ultra-melodic house music.

Last week, Lee released his latest collection of songs, Melta mix of ambient soundscapes and trunk-rattling deep house grooves that strive to fit your low-key and high-key party moods. To celebrate his release, Lee keyed us in on all his favorite hidden gems and unexpected hangouts in party cities across the world.

The Heathrow Airport

Rob Burgess

A walkway between Heathrow terminal 5 and the B and C terminals. There’s nothing here. No shops, no restaurants and, the whole point, no people. It’s one of the world’s busiest airports but there’s a place to get away from all those frantic, mildly stressed people. If you have a long flight ahead or just got off a ten-hour flight, the walk is really calming and great to get your body moving. If you’re lazy, there are moving walkways.

It’s no surprise Lee is drawn to this nondescript terminal at the Heathrow Airport. The colors the terminal is bathed in recall what you see when you close your eyes while listening to the title track from Lee’s Melt. It’s chill, sonic, and bathed in a sort of warm melancholy.

Grain Shop Portobello — London

Simple vegetarian food you get in a little open or closed take away box. Nothing fancy at all, but delicious and nestled in Portobello Road which, once you step outside, is one of my favorite markets to wander down in the world.

The Grain Shop is a cafeteria-style eatery that offers generous portions for a low price. Choose between a large or standard box and pile on as much hot and cold food as you want. Pro Tip: When ordering your box, order it “open” to get an even bigger portion of all your favorite vegan and vegetarian options.

Ryoko’s Sushi — San Francisco

For some reason, SF restaurants all seem to close really early (terrible for us DJ types). Ryoko’s is not only open until 2 am, it also serves amazing sushi. The eager crowd waiting sitting on the stairs is part of the process. The specials board sells out.

Bonus: the DJ set up on the grand piano usually plays some pretty great old school hip-hop.

Located in San Francisco’s Lower Nob Hill, Ryoko’s is a short walk from Union Square and is open every day from 6 pm to 2 am. If you’re staying in downtown, it’s the perfect late-night bite if you’re craving more than pizza. As Lee said, few eateries are open at that time. But to make a day of it, get some shopping down in Union Square in the afternoon, hit up a few of the nearby galleries, and then stop into Ryoko’s for a late dinner.

Hollywood Night Market At Yamashiro — Los Angeles

Brothers hummus. Best huuuuummmmmmusssss ever! (Well, best that day at least).

The Hollywood Night Market at Yamashiro brings together local vendors from across the LA area for a summer night market every Thursday between 5-10 pm. Located at the iconic Mountain Palace, Yamashiro is hands down the most beautiful night market in all of Los Angeles. Definitely check it out if you’re in town.

The Compound Gallery — Oakland

Super cool gallery in Oakland right up my street.

The Compound Gallery is artist-run, so it’s pretty legit and oozing with cutting edge cool. Located in the Golden Gate district of North Oakland, the compound gallery houses as much art as can fit in its 12,000 square feet. The complex is big enough to have dedicated buildings for 2D and 3D art, and regularly hosts team-building print workshops in its artist’s studio.

The Gramercy Hotel Rose Bar — New York City

I love this hotel. In general. Steeped in rock n’ roll history it’s a classic. The rose bar serves wicked cocktails and the bar staff is always fun to chat to.

If you’re all about bumping into famous people from Manhattan, the Rose Bar is the place. Often home to fashion week after parties, or private film screenings, it wouldn’t be abnormal to stumble into the Rose Bar only to find Virgil Abloh spinning mid-DJ set. The Rose Bar has a storied history and name recognition so stopping off is always on somebody’s to-do list.

Clinton Street Bakery — Dubai

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Favorite meal of the day 🍽

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Hailing from New York, a bright spark named Hisham brought the best brunch spot ever to Dubai. After a long dance floor session, you can ease into the weekend with a belly full of pancakes or some healthy alternatives.

Established in 2001 in New York City, the Clinton Street Bakery’s renown and reputation eventually brought chef-husband & wife, Neil Kleinberg and DeDe Lahman to Dubai to bring their award-winning blueberry pancakes to the United Arab Emirates. The Clinton Street Bakery offers the perfect pick-me-up after a long night out listening to Lee spin.

Mua – Oakland

Another Oakland Spot. Super weird and eclectic bar. Just go. You won’t regret it.

Located near Pill Hill in Oakland, Mua is an industrial-style space that specializes in small plates and cocktails. Mua features a gigantic black wall that is often adorned with an artist’s temporary work. Right now you can see an oil on canvas painting by LA artist Jasper Arasteh. It’s a cool hang that adds to the growing belief that Oakland — and not San Francisco — is the dopest city in Northern California.

Barber and Co. — Toronto

It’s one of those secret bars. Masquerading as a barber’s shop (the clue is in the name) there’s a tiny, cozy speakeasy in Toronto. Fabulous drinks to get drunk to and a handful of seats. I tried to get a haircut afterward but then remembered I’m bald.

Sometimes, when you’re drinking, you get this crazy idea in your head about getting a different haircut. Normally, this isn’t a problem because few barbershops are open during bar hours. Then there’s Barber and Co. Located on Bay Street in Toronto, Barber and Co is a European-style cafe and beer hall, with ping pong tables and yes, barber chairs in front of large mirrors.

Sure, it’s a weird combination, but hey, when in Canada, things get weird. Have you seen a moose before? Weirdest animal there is.