Legal MDMA Could Happen By 2021 (As Long As You’ve Got A Prescription)

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Everything old is new again! Now that we’re finally understanding that some drugs — like marijuana — can be helpful when it comes to treating physical and psychological disorders, more and more studies are popping up suggesting that other drugs such as MDMA and Ketamine might also be helpful… in a medical setting. Don’t put your party hat on just yet (this isn’t happening until 2021 at the earliest), but new research shows that MDMA can be helpful in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (previously, it’s been used in couple’s therapy) and the team that’s been conducting the research will soon meet with the FDA to discuss exactly how to proceed when using Molly as an assist in psychotherapy.

According to Inverse, MDMA (which can boost feelings of intimacy and joy and make glowsticks seem like a reasonable clothing accessory) is one of several psychedelics that could provide relief to those suffering from mental illness. And, of course, what the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies is talking about when they’re discussing the use of MDMA in conjunction with therapy is very different than what you can get on the street. Because not only is the stuff your friends sell you possibly dangerous, research also shows that it’s “only pure MDMA” that’s been shown to be helpful in treatment.



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