Chris Pratt’s Lego Character Is Having An Awesome Summer

Let this be your call to action: summer is here, go do something amazing, build a zipline, learn to surf, plan a road trip, find the perfect swimming hole. Don’t let the days get away from you — there’s a big beautiful world to see.

Need more inspiration? Take it from the Lego version of Owen — Chris Pratt‘s character from Jurassic World — who is currently crisscrossing the globe on a press tour.

Owen first showed up on Pratt’s Instagram in London.

He surfaced soon after in Berlin.

Then he rocked up to the Zojoji Temple on a motorbike…

Before posing beneath the Tokyo Tower.

Later, he was spotted chilling with raptors at a Japanese garden.

Even though Lego Owen plays into two huge movie franchises — both of which happen to star Pratt — the actor is so damn charming that the whole thing feels fun rather than part of some #branding push.

As for Owen’s adventures, it’s a good dose of motivation to seize the summer. You can’t let a Lego character have more fun than you.

(Via People)

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