Your Friends Won’t Be Able To Question Your LEGO Collection After You Land This Job


They say that if you find a job you love, you won’t work a day in your life, but from the time you’re first allowed to apply for a worker’s permit until the day you likely die, people will be telling you to get a damn job. It’s rough, the realities of existence. Few people can brush off the pressure and follow their passions and love in life. For some, it’s impossible; who wants to join the rat race just to get a little piece of cheese when all you want to do is sit around and build Lego sets all day? Right? You’re the person with the impressive Lego collection that you have to show off whenever visitors enter your abode. You’re someone who doesn’t view the human race in black or white, but in a shade of yellow. You can follow instructions.

Now the perfect job is here for you. Merlin Entertainment, the company behind LEGOLAND’s worldwide has a call out to hire at least twenty “Master Builders” to work in a magical LEGO factory of wonders AKA Merlin’s Magic Making Hub in Lake Wales, Florida.

Advice for day one: they aren’t “Legos” they are “LEGO bricks.” Get it right. This is serious.

And if you think that being a Master Model Builder will just be you goofing off and having a great time, you’re wrong. You’ll be hard at work creating the lovable magic with jaggy edges that only Lego bricks can form, only at a ridiculously massive scale.

Like this:

If you’re up for it, here are the job requirements posted to a similar job opening for a LEGOLAND in Boston last year:

This exciting role will have you designing, building, removing, installing, and repairing all models at the attraction, including MINILAND®. As the resident LEGO® building expert, you will help teach others by running workshops, speaking with media and participating in events. We are looking for someone with flair who has the ability to create a wide range of models. This role is critical in supporting the day-to-day operations of the attraction including liaising with our customers and children across this busy entertainments attraction. Some duties include:

  • Consistently deliver product excellence with all models and building programs

  • Ensure all models are maintained and are in full working order and manage brick inventory

  • Serve as a media spokesperson for LEGOLAND® Discovery Center and participate in events

  • Develop new models, features and exhibits to meet the needs of the attraction

  • Oversee and deliver fun, inspirational and creative model builder workshops to guests

  • Continuously provide a memorable experience for all of our guests

And the interview process, according to Time, is a “build off” in which job candidates have to recreate an item in a picture given to them by the Lego brass entirely in Legos, and under their steely (probably) gaze.

The only problem – you have to be eighteen-years-young to apply. Sorry, kids – your first life lesson!

(Via Time)