Host The Best Christmas Ever With These Traditions From Around The World

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Hosting a memorable Christmas party takes a little planning, a great guest list, and something unique. It’s that final element that makes your gathering feel distinct and alive, rather than Hallmark-level generic. Pull off a party that hits those notes and your crew will start texting you about it as early as October.

While we can’t come over to plan out your party or choose your guests, we can help you make it lit (or turn it into a nice little kicker, if that’s more your speed). As with most everything around these parts, our best ideas have been pulled from our travels. From Russia to Mexico, we’ve cobbled together six traditions that can easily be integrated into your Christmas and holiday plans.

The traditions and customs below will make your party easier while also making it more memorable. Try any one of them to help you connect with the people you love in a rewarding and experience-driven way. In the end, everyone should be hailing those Ubers or Lifts with full bellies, tipsy heads, and plenty of holiday cheer.


It’s sort of surprising that mulled wine isn’t a bigger thing in the U.S…. yet. Over Europe way, you can find the stuff on every street corner, in every grocery store, and simmering away in most homes. Svarene vino in Prague, glühwein in Berlin and Vienna, gløgg in Scandinavia, and vin brulé in the Italian Alps encompass all things spice, citrus, and wine heated up to piping hot perfection.

Our recommendation is to grab a couple of liters of decent local red wine, add in a quarter-cup of sugar per bottle, throw in some star anise, cloves, raisins, and cinnamon sticks and let that just barely simmer for an hour on the lowest temp. When you’re ready to serve, throw in some cranberries and citrus slices. It’s an easy way to get everyone in the spirit the moment they walk in the door.

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