The New Museum Of Neon Art In Los Angeles Is An Ode To A Bygone Era

04.11.18 9 months ago 5 Comments

Dane Rivera

There’s something special about neon. Maybe it’s because of its relationship with cinema or just romanticism for a lost era (one which you probably weren’t alive for), but neon has a strangely magical… ahem… glow about it. It’s got the distinct ability to conjure up a mysterious and alluring vibe despite — or maybe even because of — its simplicity.

Glendale’s Museum of Neon Art, or MONA, offers its visitors a glimpse of a bygone Los Angeles with its new exhibit “There’s More to Neon Signs Than Liquor, Motels, And Live Nude Girls.” MONA’s exhibit (running from March 11-August 26) is a glowing collection of signs from the seedier side of LA nightlife. Dive bars, strip clubs, poker machines, and cheap entertainment — it’s like a Bukowski fever dream set to the incessant hum these signs produce.

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