Adventures In Jelly Shot Slyness: A Day In The Life Of A Covert Drinker

09.27.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

We’re not encouraging you to do any of what follows — that’s important to remember. Just because we’re showing you that sneaking drinks around can be done, doesn’t mean it’s a great idea. That said, sneaking booze into a place might save you some money, make you some new friends (ref: airplane section of this piece), or help you get the good stuff into places where the good stuff doesn’t exist. While there is a copious amount of upside, the downfall of getting thrown out is worth noting. It may be embarrassing to sit on the curb in front of the laser tag place you tried to “liven up” while your buddies have sober fun.

With the success of products like Lolo lids (a beer koozie disguised as a coffee cup) having a drink while performing your favorite tasks has never been easier. But you walk a very fine line. While some are cheeky and lighthearted, portable beverages like Beerbelly and Winerack might cause the night (or… the day) to escalate a little too quickly. One minute you’re laughing with your buddies about the time you snuck eight extra beers into the Yankees game, and next you’re getting kicked out of your nephew’s graduation for having a fake bra full of Riesling.

That being said, we decided to test our new favorite under-the-radar pre-packaged booze, Ludlows Jelly Shots. Their website invites surreptitious sloshers to “join us as we try to be a little disruptive in the ‘spirits’ industry.” We took their message to heart and slipped a few jello shots into our pockets, all in the name of journalism. It was one hell of a day:

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