This Artist’s Work Will Make You Question How We Relate To Technology

02.15.17 1 year ago


Ludo’s street art pieces are easy to recognize. The prolific artist uses black, white, and fluorescent green to make his work stand out against the city scape. His themes of nature and technology stand out too. Each thought-provoking paste up or mural combines the brilliant design of the natural world with the less elegant elements of technology and weaponry. The juxtaposition offers a haunting vision of our obsession with tech at the expense of the natural world.

Many of the surreal images Ludo creates are both beautiful and grotesque — leaving the viewer to question his or her place in the world and humanity’s large role in both the protection and destruction of the planet. We spoke to the artist this week about his process and philosophy:


How did you get started as an artist?

I’ve always been into the creative process. Then I started to be able to live from my art, around 10 years ago.

Why do you do street art, specifically?

I don’t just do street art. I work with galleries, museums, institutions, foundations. It would be sad if I limited my process. Street art (I hate this label) is, for me, an energy to keep, a laboratory and a way to express myself and a sense of freedom without anything and anyone interrupting my process. Somehow the sense of going against the usual society limitations and laws is also a motivation.

In a way, I want to be different and create reactions, express my feelings and be free to do it. Street art attracts me because of the idea of message and direct connection with the people. I hate decoration, artists doing decorative walls, but I always respect the artists that go out to connect with the viewers in the way they want to say something, criticize… more than just a painting skill. But it’s not at all my only way to express myself.