There Are Now Bath Bombs For Your Mouth Because Who Has Time For Mouthwash Anymore?

08.11.16 2 years ago

I’ve you’ve ever used a bath bomb from Lush and thought, “Boy, I bet that would be cool exploding in my mouth,” then it’s your lucky day. Because Lush has gone and invented just that — a bath bomb for your mouth.

Okay, so they’re actually mouthwash tabs, and they’re very important because who has the time or the space for traditional mouthwash anymore? One bottle of minty-flavored fluid takes up valuable cupboard real estate, and a minute of swishing? No thanks.

These bad boys, though, are the future. According to Lush, all you need to do is pop one of the tabs (preferably post-brushing — they make it clear that the mouthwash tabs aren’t a replacement for proper dental hygiene), take a sip of water, and let the fizz do all the work for you. Anyone else thinking of that scene in Little Giants where the team takes Alka-Seltzer tabs to intimidate their opponents? Just us?


The tabs currently come in three flavors: Crème de Menthe for classic minty freshness, the lemony Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, and Ugai, a salty green tea flavor inspired by the Japanese custom of gargling for health.

Based on the Instagram love, customers seem to be happy with the new product so far:

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