These Luxurious Bathrooms Will Fuel Your Vacation Daydreams

Decorators are always using words like “oasis” and “retreat” when it comes to the bathroom, while back in reality it’s considered a win if you’ve figured out a stylish way to hide the TP. We at Uproxx are big advocates of saving money while traveling and #ThatHostelLife, but there’s nothing like treating yourself with some really luxe vacation accommodations. When the first thing you want to Instagram is the room where you do your business, you know you’ve arrived.

Here are six places that will give you a special bubble-bath-filled brand of wanderlust or, at the very least, wind up on your “Bathroom Goals” Pinterest board.

Laucala Island Resort Fiji — Fiji

This resort is already the stuff of 80’s PC desktop backgrounds but the two-bedroom overwater villa is on another level. It features a private jetty, infinity pool and of course, an over the top bathroom with an ocean view.

Musha Cay — Bahamas

David Copperfield owns this $50 million private island in the southern Bahamas so it’s no surprise the bathroom is straight up magical at the villa’s ultra-private beach house.

“I want to see the ocean while pooping!”

Ta da!

Sanctuary Baines’ Camp — Botswana

All five suites at this African retreat come with “star baths” that let you admire the constellations from your own private viewing deck and tub. Your bed can also be moved outside for a tent-free glamping experience. The deck is located on stilts above the Boro River so when the stars disappear you can expect to spot elephants and hippos below.

Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort — Maldives

Take a bath during a rainstorm under the thatched roof in your completely private, plant enveloped tub at this tropical paradise island in the Indian Ocean.

Phulay Bay The Ritz-Carlton — Thailand

Located on Andaman Sea in front of the tiny, mystical islands you’ve seen in old Roger Moore James Bond movies, Phulay Bay is a secluded resort for the serious vacation aficionado. That is, if you’re serious about not leaving the hotel. In addition to incredible bathrooms, Phulay Bay Ritz-Carlton villas are known for their giant custom-made beds, the size of two kings combined.

Villa Manzu Casita — Costa Rica

This luxury private residence in Costa Rica features eight bedrooms and a full staff including private chef, bartender, butler, security guard and driver. The list of amenities continues but we stopped reading after we saw this picture of the tub (which Beyonce famously bathed in).