You Could Get Paid $16,000 Just For Lying In Bed For A Few Months


The opportunity to get paid upwards of $15,000 just for laying in bed all day sounds like every person’s dream. Or at least most people with a backlog of Netflix shows to watch and a podcast list that requires endless hours of much-cherished free time to catch up. Those S-Town episodes won’t listen to themselves, will they!? That said, the chance to lay in bed for two months straight and do nothing could net some lucky volunteers many thousands of dollars, if they’re willing to accept the strings attached.

Those strings involve that whole “laying down” part which sounds simple until you dig in to the fine print — namely the piece that says laying down is ALL you can do for two months straight. According to ABC 7 News, participants in this particular scientific study, which aims to test the effects of microgravity on men’s bodies. It requires each participant — who must be a healthy young man with a specific BMI — to lie on their backs for 60 days without sitting up straight, and having their heads tilted to 6 degrees below horizontal levels. The good news is anyone involved will be able to at least turn themselves as long as one shoulder stays on the bed, the bad news is possible bed sores could be part of the equation.

If that sounds like a rip-roaring good time to anybody, than this study might just be right up your alley. Your podcast queue will never be more empty than after those few months. Pray for a tempurpedic!